• 2013 Enrolment Day

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    On January 7, 2013 • By

    Our 2013 enrolment day is:

    Monday January 21st

    3:30pm – 7:30pm @ Austral Progress Hall

    264 Edmondson Ave, Austral


    A new timetable will be available soon with updated times. Thanks for your patience.

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  • Hi Energy Kids Melbourne Trip

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    On October 2, 2011 • By



    The Hi Energy Kids, Dance NRG’s troupe students, travelled to Melbourne to perform and participate in workshops at the beginning of the school holidays.  Staying at the amazing Apartments at Docklands, they performed at Federation Square as well as on the streets of the Melbourne CBD.  They also participated in a workshop at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance which consisted of 1 hour classes of Jazz, Contemporary & Hip Hop.  A fantastic time was had by all, not the least of which came from the heated pool in the apartments.  Below are some selected photos from the trip.  More photos can be found on our facebook page

    Check out the video of NRG Crew on the streets of Melbourne

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    On September 12, 2011 • By

    Diamond Light Boogie

    Dance NRG troupe students competed at Curtain Call Eisteddfod on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September.  Amongst some large sections and great competition here are the results:

    Hold It Against Me – Open Age Jazz Troupe – 3rd Place

    Hip Hop – Open Age – 3rd Place

    Louder – 14/Under Jazz Troupe 4th Place

    Young Divas – 8/Under Jazz Troupe – 3rd Place

    Canes – 15/Under Tap Troupe – 3rd Place

    No Air – Open Age Lyrical Troupe – 1st Place

    Bad Romance – 15/Under Jazz Troupe – 2nd Place

    Bad Romance also won the award for the Most Entertaining Troupe of the entire competition!!  Thank you to everyone, parents and students, for your patience over the weekend.  Your dedication and hard work makes our job worthwhile.

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  • Hi Energy Dance Festival 2011

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    On July 4, 2011 • By

    Dance NRG held their 2nd annual Eisteddfod in 2011 – the Hi Energy Dance Festival.  Held over two weekends, Dance NRG students competed against some talented competition and as usual our troupe and solo students performed fantastically.  A huge thank you to all of our mums, dads and students who volunteered their time to help out.  Without all of your help the eisteddfod would never have been the success it was. 

    Bigger and better than last year, the Hi Energy Dance Festival will return in 2012.  Below are some of the results our students achieved.  We haven’t included the Highly Commended placings as there were so many:

    Troupe Results

    Young Divas – 8/Under Jazz – 4th Place

    Diamond Light Boogie – 12/Under Jazz – 4th Place

    Pack Up – 12/Under Tap – 1st Place

    21st Century Life – 14/Under Jazz – 2nd Place

    Zoot Suit Riot – 14/Under Tap – 2nd Place

    Canes – 16/Under Tap – 3rd Place

    Bad Romance – 16/Under Jazz – 4th Place

    No Air – Open Age Lyrical – 2nd Place

    NRG Crew – Open Age Hip Hop – 1st Place

    Hold It Against Me – Open Age Jazz – 3rd Place

    Solo Results

    Natasha Camera – 8/Under Restricted & Open Slow Tap – 1st Place

    Alysa & Natasha

    Alysa Sultan – 8/Under Restricted & Open Fast Tap – 1st Place

    Alysa Sultan & Natasha Camera – 8/Under Tap Duo – 1st Place

    Mikaela Ghersinich – 12/Under Open Jazz – 1st Place

    Mikaela Ghersinich

    Danielle Cvetko – 14/Under Restricted Jazz – 1st Place

    Danielle Cvetko

    Bianca Calarco – 14/Under Open Jazz – 2nd Place

    Bianca Calarco – 14/Under Restricted Lyrical – 4th Place

    Bianca Calarco

    Bianca Calarco & Danielle Cvetko – 14/Under Tap Duo – 1st Place

    Emily Fernandez – 14/Under Restricted Fast Tap – 1st Place

    Emily Fernandez

    Samantha Hardy – Open Age Specially Restricted & Restricted Jazz – 1st Place

    Samantha Hardy – Open Age Specially Restricted Hip Hop -1st Place

    Catherine Cvetko – 16/Under Specially Restricted Lyrical -1st Place

    Catherine Cvetko – 16/Under Open Jazz – 1st Place

    Catherine Cvetko

    Catherine Cvetko & Domenica Calarco – Open Age Jazz Duo – 1st Place

    Such a great and fun two weekends.  Thanks again to everyone who volunteered and competed.

    The hardworking mums in the canteen

    This is what I get for leaving my camera with the girls for 5 minutes. Izzy and Dom :)

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  • Justin Beiber Backup Dancer Workshop

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    On May 24, 2011 • By

    Dance NRG Intermediate troupe students participated in a Hip Hop workshop taken by Justin Beiber’s backup dancers while they were in Sydney.  20 of our students participated in the workshop held at Caramel Studios in Camperdown.  Everyone had an awesome time and can’t wait until the next one – although secretly everyone was slightly disappointed that JB didn’t make a surprise appearance.

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  • Dance NRG @ 2011 Royal Easter Show

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    On May 1, 2011 • By

    Dance NRG troupe students performed at the 2011 Royal Easter Show on Tuesday 26th April.  Our students performed on the Graze Stage as well as being involved in the street parade.  Amidst questionable conditions back stage as well as some interesting weather, the Dance NRG troupe students brought in a huge crowd – noticeablely growing as their performance continued!!  Below are some highlights of the day:

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  • USHER Dancer Workshop

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    On May 1, 2011 • By

    Dance NRG senior hip hop students took part in workshops with USHER’s backup dancers.  The workshops were held at Caramell Dance Studios in Camperdown.  The girls participated in classes with: BBOY FLOMASTER, MARVELOUS, DEVIN JAMIESON & EDDIE MORALES.  These dancers have worked with the worlds most prominent artists including Britney Spears, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake & Chris Brown as well as USHER.   The photo below has everybody who participated in the workshop – not just Dance NRG students.

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  • 2011 Enrolment Day

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    On January 7, 2011 • By

    Our enrolment day for 2011 is Saturday 22nd January at Austral Progress Hall 264 Edmondson Ave Austral. Come down any time between 10am and 2pm. Looking forward to another awesome year in 2011!

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  • Foottapper Spring Festival

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    On October 24, 2010 • By

    What a way to finish the Eisteddfod year!  Foottapper was our last Eisteddfod for the year – huge sections and tough competition.  We are so proud of all of our solo and troupe students you were awesome – the best we have ever seen you perform!!!!!  Below are the troupe results:

    Labels or Love – 9/Under Tap Troupe – 2nd Place

    21st Century Life – 11/Under Jazz Troupe – 3rd place (from 24 competitors!)

    Diamond Light Boogie – 11/Under Jazz Troupe – Highly Commended (from 24 Competitors)

    Zoot Suit Riot – 11/Under Tap Troupe – 2nd Place

    Bad Romance – 13/Under Jazz Troupe – 2nd Place (from 20+ Competitors)

    Why Don’t You – 15/Under Jazz Troupe – 3rd Place (from 24 Competitors)

    Hip Hop Mix – 15/Under Hip Hop Troupe – 2nd Place

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  • Hi Energy Kids Halloween Disco

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    On October 12, 2010 • By

    The Halloween disco was a resounding success.  All of the costumes looked fantastic  – here are a few pics of the night:

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